Learn tax strategies that could save you thousands!

The 2018 Tax Reform bill is the biggest tax law change since 1986 – and it’s GOOD for business! Landwehr Tax & Accounting has been gearing up to help businesses implement strategies that could help your company pay less taxes. Now is the time to plan to take advantage of these new opportunities.

Entity Choice:  revisit your Company’s entity configuration to make sure it is still the best choice under the new regulations.

Cash or Accrual:  tax law changes allows for greater flexibility on what accounting method is allowed for tax purposes.

Reasonable Compensation:  the new law puts this old concept back into relevancy…make sure your compensation is not too low, nor too high.

Individual Taxes:  changes on the individual side of tax law is also addressed during your planning service.

Year-end tax tips:  there are less than three months left to implement changes before the year is over…don’t wait!

Give us a call TODAY to schedule your appointment and see how the new tax law pertains to your business with our newly developed planning packages. Space is limited so call now before the year is over…we’re ready to help!

BASIC Package ($850)

Planning based on new tax law

  • Entity choice
  • Cash or accrual
  • Reasonable compensation to maximize QBI deductions
  • Impact on personal returns (for 1 shareholder)
  • Year-end tax tips

All-Inclusive Package ($1,250)

Everything from the BASIC package PLUS:

  • Past 3 years tax review
  • Observations on financial health of business

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