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Meet Micki, Payroll Coordinator

If you’ve seen a bright new face around Landwehr Tax & Accounting, it may be that of our newest payroll coordinator, Micki! We welcomed Micki, a New Munich native, to our team in April of this year, 2024. With a contagious positivity, personable nature, and hard-working mindset, Micki has been a great fit ever since. […]

Meet Janet, Administrative Assistant

When you walk into Landwehr Tax & Accounting, the joyous face of Janet Frey, our administrative assistant, will greet you! New to Landwehr in 2023, Janet has been an incredible fit to our hard-working, positive team ever since. Formerly a manager of a retail store, Janet has a TON of experience in working with people. […]

Welcome New Partners

We’re thrilled to announce Ashley Kerzman and Kayla Backes as two new partners to the firm! Ashley is a proven leader in her dedication to our clients and unwavering commitment to firm administration while Kayla brings a wealth of experience in the tax and accounting arena.  As a CPA partner, Kayla will be instrumental in […]

Meet Stefanie, Payroll Processor

Stefanie has been with Landwehr since fall of 2020 and is an integral part of the payroll department. Her passion for research has earned her the title of the “go-to” person for any type of research that needs to be done when new laws are passed, especially when it deals with payroll. “Stefanie has been […]

Learn tax strategies that could save you thousands!

The 2018 Tax Reform bill is the biggest tax law change since 1986 – and it’s GOOD for business! Landwehr Tax & Accounting has been gearing up to help businesses implement strategies that could help your company pay less taxes. Now is the time to plan to take advantage of these new opportunities. Entity Choice:  […]

S Corporations: A Brief Overview

What Is An S Corporation? When you are deciding on the type of corporation for your company, there are many things to consider. The IRS recognizes two types of corporations you can choose from, a C Corporation or an S Corporation. An S Corp is a business structure that allows a business to avoid double-taxation. […]