Don’t Be a Victim: IRS Warns about Phishing Scams for 2015 Taxes

It’s that time of year. Tax season is here and the early signs of spring are beginning to peer out from the cold and gray we’ve become so accustomed to. Despite the welcome warmth and sunshine, there is still some darkness that the IRS is urging tax preparers to pay attention to. In an official statement, the IRS warns about phishing scams for 2015 taxes. Phishing of course does not mean sitting in your boat casting a line. It is a scam using emails and fake websites appearing legitimate as a means to gather personal and financial information from unwary victims. This year, there are a number of such scams that are lurking about, and the IRS is working to make sure people understand the risks and how to avoid becoming a victim themselves.

4203873799_4f245de101_zThis year the IRS has implemented some additional protective measures, and also increased the strength of some others in an effort to combat identity theft and other forms of fraud. In the wake of these phishing scams, they are warning tax preparers to use caution, and to avoid clicking on any strange emails or links. They also want to remind people that the IRS does not typically communicate with taxpayers or tax preparers to gather any personal or financial information via email. They have stated that this includes all other forms of electronic communication as well. Additionally, they are asking for the public to help, urging anyone who receives an unsolicited message requesting information to contact them. The messages may appear to be from the IRS or a closely reported organization, and can be forwarded to for investigation.
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