Meet Tyler, Senior Staff Accountant

“For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be an entrepreneur. So, when it came time to think about a career after high school, accounting was an easy choice,” explains Tyler. “I was always good at math and enjoyed the financial side of business. I knew wherever I ended up in my career, accounting would be a great degree to have.”

After working as a bookkeeper cleaning up the books and setting up processes for a small, locally-owned business, it wasn’t until 2007 when Tyler discovered his real passion for taxes. He took a tax preparer position at a local tax office and was surprised to find out how much he really enjoyed preparing the returns.  Soon after, he returned to college to finish his bachelor’s degree in accounting.

“While many accountants may not like preparing tax returns because of the ever-changing rules and complexity of the laws, I enjoy the fact that there is always more to learn and something to research, ” says Tyler with a smile on his face. “Whether it’s new tax laws, current events, or even learning a new instrument or dyi project, I enjoy to continuously learn new things all the time.”

Tyler came to Landwehr Tax & Accounting in January 2018. His accounting experience, love for preparing tax returns, and genuine interest and desire to help clients the best way possible, earned him the position of Senior Staff Accountant. “Tyler has been a great asset to the Landwehr team,” says Ashley. “Not only does he help explain tax concepts to our clients in layman’s terms so they are easier to understand, he is genuinely a great person to have around the office.”

Outside of work, Tyler loves to spend time with his family and friends doing all the other things he enjoys: hunting, fishing, camping, traveling, and anything else that can get him outside.

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