Meet Katie Koester, Staff Accountant

Katie Koester, Staff AccountantSome things are just meant to be. That’s how we feel about the day Katie Koester walked into our office, searching for an accountant to prepare her tax return.

“I’d always done it myself,” explains Katie. “But given the additional forms required because of a child in college, I thought an extra set of eyes would be helpful.”

Katie had attended Financial Peace University through her church several years before, so she knew about Dave Ramsey’s Endorsed Local Providers (ELP) program. When she searched his website, she discovered that Landwehr Tax & Accounting was the only ELP in central Minnesota for tax advice and preparation.

“While my husband and I were meeting with Cherie about our tax return, I casually asked if she had any positions available. She suggested I contact her over the summer when her schedule would be more flexible. I wrote a reminder in my planner for June,” shares Katie, laughing. “I reached out to her, we met for coffee and she hired me as a temporary employee during the 2016 tax season.”

In October of the same year, “temporary” turned into full-time when we hired Katie as staff accountant with a focus on bookkeeping. A degree in managerial accounting from the Minnesota School of Business and more than 10 years of experience in customer service and financial service roles prepared her well for a spot on our team.

“Being part of a growing company is very exciting to me because I get to participate in developing and streamlining processes,” says Katie. “Cherie empowers us to make a difference in the lives of our clients. They have peace of mind, knowing we are taking care of their financial matters accurately and efficiently.”

Katie is a go-getter and a bit of a perfectionist. We like to tease her about that, but those traits—along with her fierce loyalty—are the ones we appreciate most as her colleagues and friends.

She enjoys scrapbooking, going on nature walks and spending time with her family and cats. She also encourages her father, whose Leukemia is in remission, by fundraising and walking with him at an annual New Jersey event in support of cancer research.

“If I believe in something, I believe in it 100%,” she says.

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