Meet Ashley Kerzman, Business Manager

Ashley Kerzman, Business Manager

Dedicated, passionate, friendly and focused—these are just a few of the ways we would describe one of our newest additions to the Landwehr Tax & Accounting team. Ashley Kerzman began her role as business manager in September 2016. Her responsibilities include managing project workflow, communicating with vendors, completing software updates, fostering team growth and much more.

“I really enjoy the variety,” Ashley shares. “From refining work processes to planning events, I coordinate every aspect of operations.”

Ashley’s experience, education and personality make her the perfect fit for this position. An obsessive organizer and extremely hard worker, Ashley possesses nearly six years of experience in operations and finance. She earned her bachelor’s degree in finance from St. Cloud State University while working full-time and starting a family.

Ashley’s passion for learning and willingness to try new things motivate her to push the business towards even greater efficiency and growth—and her colleagues are noticing.

“I am so excited to have Ashley on board,” says owner Cherie Landwehr. “She will make our client service even better by implementing forward-thinking ideas, seeing projects to completion and freeing up my time to spend with our clients.”

Outside of work, Ashley enjoys volleyball, softball, crafting, and nature walks with her husband Scott and children Kason, Brooklyn and Hannah.

5 Tips for Veterans Thinking About Starting a Business

If you or someone you know is a veteran who is thinking about starting a business, you are in good company. It has been shown that military veterans make outstanding entrepreneurs, and studies have shown that vets are 45% more likely to start their own business than those without military experience. Being in the military is an excellent way to build character, develop skills, and gain the confidence needed to succeed in business. Starting a business can seem daunting for anyone. However, there are some excellent resources available for veterans to help them. We’ve compiled a list of 5 tips for veterans thinking about starting a business. (more…)

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Ready for the Winter? Top 5 Fall Financial Reminders

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S Corporations: A Brief Overview

What Is An S Corporation?

When you are deciding on the type of corporation for your company, there are many things to consider. The IRS recognizes two types of corporations you can choose from, a C Corporation or an S Corporation. An S Corp is a business structure that allows a business to avoid double-taxation. That is because an S Corp is not required to pay tax on its profits. Instead, all profits and losses are passed directly to the shareholders on their individual tax return. Those individuals will pay tax on their share of the profits only. This differs from a C Corp, which is viewed by the IRS as a legal entity in itself; therefore, it must pay tax on its profits through the company instead of the shareholder. Each business type has its own benefits and disadvantages, so you must decide based on your unique business which model will suit you best. (more…)

Finding the Fun In Budgeting

Budgeting is the most essential step in making any kind of monetary strategy or economic blueprint. In dealing with our clients, this is one of the 1st steps we review, because it’s so crucial to your success. I know– budgeting doesn’t sound like fun at first, however offer this as a thought …

What if you could locate an extra $100/month to save and also cut out of your existing spending plan? This is by doing things such as cutting that extra cable television or satellite box that no one watches anyway, eliminating the pricey flick stations, or removing magazines, papers and also other premium subscriptions that you forgot you were spending your money on! (more…)

Business Structure Basics: Partnership

Anyone interested in starting a business is confronted with a variety of obstacles at the beginning of the business. Something that is not an obstacle however, instead a crucial decision, is choosing the wanted company framework for the business. Among the options that is preferred is the collaboration. This kind of partnership is relatively simple to set up and also comes with a number of advantages. Like all business forms, though, there are some drawbacks as well.

Collaborations AKA partnerships, on a standard level, are a kind of arrangement in between two or even more people to produce a single company. This structure provides a variety of benefits, besides those based in business law. For beginners, the companions may be able to pool their resources at the beginning of the business to give the attempt better chances of getting off the ground more effectively. Likewise, having more than one knowledge base is equally as useful. (more…)

The Federal Budget: Where do my taxes go?

As a small business owner, you understand that taxes are simply a part of life. The Federal Government through the IRS applies many rules and regulations that dictate what must be paid by whom. For many Americans, there is a great deal of confusion regarding what happens with the tax money we pay. Most of us realize that it is applied to the operation of our government as well as the programs and protections they provide. However, there are many misconceptions. Though knowing exactly where each penny is spent under current legislation is challenging, there are some general areas that our businesses contribute to. Have you ever thought where your tax money goes? The chances are good that you have. This is a brief look at some of the primary areas which our tax money funds. (more…)